5 Types of Music Ephemera You Can Find in Our Shop

There are many types of music ephemera to collect, and here are five unique types we carry in our shop for music collectible enthusiasts. 

What exactly are ephemera, and why are these items so appealing to collectors? Ephemera are items that were created with short-lived intent but ended up saved instead. Various kinds of ephemera exist, including historical, political, musical, and more. These items can be vintage advertisements, business cards, souvenirs, or any items that may have been assumed to be disposable.   

The difference between a classic collectible and ephemera is that those items were designed to last longer. Some examples include vintage cars or even first edition books, which get read over and over by different people. These items had the intended purpose of long-term use. The rarity of ephemera is high because they were often thrown away due to the little value they initially provided during their time – increasing the value in the eyes of today’s collectors. 

At Bynx, we’re excited to share pieces of music ephemera history in our online shop. From underground press to original posters and sheet music, here are five types of music ephemera we carry that you should add to grow your collection today. 


Before social media and the internet, the news was largely distributed by hand through printed or written handbills. Regarding music ephemera, handbills (flyers) were typically used as word-of-mouth advertisements to promote an artist’s upcoming concert or event. They were given to the locals to encourage ticket sales and audience turnout, and were typically thrown out once the event passed. However, some treasured these vintage handbills back then and many now provide high value as collectible pieces today. 

From Near Mint Jimi Hendrix concert appearances to Rolling Stones sold-out 1969 shows, you will surely find fascinating handbills in our online shop. 


Did you know that posters can be a standard collectible item and a type of music ephemera? Posters were considered short-lived items in the 1960s and early 1970s as they were originally used as a temporary news medium for an upcoming event. During this era, vintage music posters were also a visual representation of individual expression and freedoms that still impact modern history today. 

For example, during their prime time, the Beatles set the stage for psychedelic culture in the 1960s and were viewed as radical by political discourse. Due to their mainstream influence, they intertwined their music with other prominent human rights movements by encouraging seismic cultural shifts. Music and culture have historically been interdependent in one way or another, which is why collectors love music ephemera for its’ storytelling value. 

Most people have owned at least one poster in their lifetime. But have you ever owned a vintage piece that grabs a glimpse of what life was like during that period? That fascination with history is what Bynx is built upon.

Sheet Music 

Sheet music to artists is like blueprints to architects – you see the original design of how the infrastructure was built. What makes sheet music a unique type of music ephemera? It shows the complete composition of a song and how it came to fruition. You might even stumble across some incredible sheet music with handwritten notes that can display the artist’s creative process. Any vintage music item with an original and authentic personal inscription can skyrocket the value of a collection tremendously. 

Underground Press 

If you’re unaware, underground press is a type of publication produced without official approval. This type of medium was considered counter to the prevailing cultural norms of the time. 

Individuals and organizations who felt that they were not represented by mainstream media, and whose voices were not “loud enough” on important societal issues such as war, sex, recreational drugs, etc.  found a channel for their views through the various underground newspapers and magazines on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Underground press is considered to be a unique historical item today. 


Other types of music ephemera we carry include programs, zines, tickets, and more. From the last UK concert tickets for Jimi Hendrix to Jim Morrison’s final performance with The Doors, our music collection inventory is always diverse and sure to surprise you. These original pieces are more than just collectible items. They represent musical moments in history and reflect how the world once was. 

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