Hey there.

Bynx is a proudly family-owned-and-operated small business located in downtown Orlando, Florida. We deal in gently used vinyl, collectible books, as well as music and counterculture ephemera, while also serving up specialty coffee, wine, beer, and light eats in our café. In the back of our shop is a project recording studio – perfect for cutting your next single or full-length release.

Bynx was born out of a passion for arts & culture, and for a desire to create a “third place” for coffee lovers, whose passion for quality specialty coffee is only matched by their desire to spend time working, relaxing, or socializing in a welcoming environment. Our partnership with Portland-based Industry leader Water Avenue Coffee and local roaster Otus Coffee ensures the high standard of coffee products that are critical to our primary objective. Similar to Bynx, both partners are family-owned, whose values line up perfectly with ours as a community-focused small business owner.

Our intention was to develop a community space that would inspire creativity and comradery, with a focus on quality and service. Throughout our shop, you’ll notice odes to musical and artistic giants, but we also support emerging and local creatives as well. That’s indeed one of the main reasons we built the stage in our café, and why we regularly host an array of events – from music to culinary to art.

So drop by sometime and say hello, have a drink, and enjoy the atmosphere. We hope to see you soon!

Bynx Shop Stage View