Vintage Vinyl Records For Sale: 5 Pro-Tips For Finding Rare, Must-Have Collectibles

Are you starting a record collection and want to find rare vintage vinyl records for sale? Read on to discover five ways to find must-have albums to add to your collection.

There are many ways to find great collector’s items and the best vintage vinyl. However, if you’re just starting to build your collection, these are simple ways to create a collection of must-have vinyl that is unique to you and your taste:   

#1. Get Started 

We’ve said it before, but it is worth mentioning again. One essential component of finding the best vintage vinyl records for sale is simply starting your search. If you are serious about building an iconic vintage collection, you’ve got to start somewhere. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Every record or collectible may not end up worth a fortune, but you will be developing your taste and opinions as a vintage collector.

This first step sounds simple, but this is where many aspiring collectors get stuck. For one, every vintage album connoisseur wants to find that “rare, must-have album” every time they hunt for collectibles. Some collectors often have this stroke of luck, while others do not. Instead of letting unrealistic expectations rule your vintage collecting mindset, consider purchasing interesting finds that may not have been on your radar. Many of these items end up as collectors’ favorites. 

#2. Find Your Favorites

Another great way to land a must-have album is to develop your vintage musical taste for specific artists, genres, decades, and styles that appeal to you. As you begin to do this, jot down your top ten favorite vinyl albums and set out to find them in-store, online, or through your vintage collector’s network.  

When you know what you love, you’ll understand what you’re looking for in vintage vinyl. Your definition of a “great find” may shift over time but developing your sense of vintage style is an important skill to hone on your collecting journey. 

#3. Join Vintage Collector Communities

The next step is to find a community of like-minded vintage vinyl collectors. This may even mean simply finding one person with more knowledge and experience than you. Chances are, they’ll know even more vintage collectors to add to your network. 

Investing time and energy into finding a vintage collecting mentor and community can help you get the inside scoop on the best places and practices to build your collection. Another significant aspect of networking with other collectors is viewing their collections to gather inspiration for your own.

#4. Scour The Web

You can also find great deals on vintage vinyl records for sale at local record stores’ online shops. Albums purchased from store websites can be shipped to you, or you easily pick them up in-house from shops like ours.   

#5. Search In Local Stores

Part of the beauty of vinyl collecting is appreciating the material’s texture, smell, and artistic detail. There is nothing like walking into a brick-and-mortar record store like Bynx to explore in-store finds and experience the allure of vinyl collecting. Check out our local record store if you want vintage vibes that are sure to propel your love of vinyl collecting forward. 

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